Hello Mama!

Are you overwhelmed? Unhappy and unsatisfied, but don't know why? Maybe you have young children, and you're feeling like you've lost yourself. Maybe you were a professional working woman before children, and now you're a stay at home mom, and you miss using your brain for more than sleep schedules and Mommy and Me classes. Maybe you're working full time and you're having difficulty juggling work and home life-- and you feel so guilty. Maybe your children are older and more independent, but you have no clue what to do next with your life, because after years of taking care of everyone else, you do not know how to take care of yourself.

While you're pouring yourself into everyone and everything.....what's filling you back up?

Sound familiar?

If any of this sounds like you, you're not alone.

 I know this because I have been there. As a mother of two young children, I've done both the SAHM thing and the working full-time mom thing.

I get it.

I understand Mama Guilt. I understand losing a part of yourself in motherhood, and feeling simultaneously resentful and elated. 

I understand the long-term effects of postpartum depression and anxiety. I am trained as a perinatal mental health specialist, and I experienced these symptoms personally. 

I understand the effects of co-dependency and having a partner addicted to alcohol. 

By being Authentic about these struggles, I have healed, connected, and inspired others. And it is by being Authentic that I have finally begun to understand my calling in this life-- supporting other mothers, whether through therapy or coaching.

I can help.

I utilize my knowledge as a counselor and my experience working with mothers to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self. I can help you identify your goals, develop strategies to allow more self-care, and help you to remove the guilt that comes along with modern motherhood.

Counseling vs Coaching

Coaching is for women who do not meet the diagnostic criteria for mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety. Coaching provides validation, a ton of support and encouragement, and a PLAN. I have added Coaching as a separate service so that I can make a larger impact for women who do not need therapy, but could still benefit from my services. A careful screening will be conducted prior to the initiation of coaching services and if symptoms of a mental health condition are present, I will refer out to another qualified therapist. It is against ethical guidelines for me to provide coaching services to any previous or current therapy client. 

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